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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Snack Bar Promo 1970

This entry is about one of those fun promos for the snack bar which anyone who's been to a drive-in is familiar with.

Although drive-in's aren't as prominent today as they were from the 1950s-1980s (my guess being that most anyone today can have a double feature in their own home with just a Blu-ray player and/or streaming), they are still around and remain great fun. I've always particularly loved the animated promos during the intermission that tell patrons to go to the snack bar. The most famous of these is Let's All Go to the Lobby, which premiered in 1957 and was made by the legendary Dave Fleischer, the man behind both the Popeye and (the 1940s) Superman cartoons. This promo, with its animated popcorn, soda and hot dogs, became so famous that it was placed in the National Film Registry in 2000.
Last night, I was at the drive-in in Amelia, OH for a double feature of Monsters University and Man of Steel.
This recent drive-in visit also prompted me to go back and review this specific promo, which I first saw not on a drive-in screen but on a VHS tape, which was a collection of trailers for classic monster films such as Dracula (1931) and Night of the Living Dead (1968). This promo concluded the show, and makes nice use of Bach's 'Tocatta' and the simple but effective use of lighting to give those feasting on pizza in this promo a ghoulish appearance.

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