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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Interview with Catherine Mary Stewart

Like many, I became an instant fan of Catherine's thanks to her roles in such films as The Last Starfighter (1984) and Weekend at Bernie's(1989). It was a pleasure for me to chat with this beloved actress recently.

1. Catherine, at what point did you realize acting was the profession for you?

-I realized that “performing” was what I wanted to do when I did my first professional gig as a dancer with my company “Synergy” in Canada. I was overwhelmed with how it felt to perform in front of an audience. When I landed my first professional acting gig it just seemed like a natural progression and the reaction to my work reinforced my natural desire to perform.

2. You’ve also taken up dancing. Did you ever aspire to be a dancer?

- I started out as a dancer. When I graduated high school I moved to London, England and studied at a school called the London Studio Centre, with the thought that I would pursue my dancing further. It happened to be a general performing arts school so it was the perfect stepping-stone.

3. Throughout your career, you’ve worked with such famous stars as Christopher Reeve and Jean Simmons. Do you have any particular co-star that’s a favorite for you?

-I became very close with Charles Bronson and his wife, Kim. We did Sea Wolf together along with Christopher Reeve. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing, legendary actors. I worked with Rod Steiger twice for instance. Once in Hollywood Wives and he played my father in Passion and Paradise. Both of these mini-series were packed with amazing actors. I was probably the most star struck by Robert Preston in The Last Starfighter. He had an aura that was unmatched.

4. One of your earliest roles was a part on Days of Our Lives. What was that experience like?

- As I always say, other than dance it was the hardest job I’ve ever had. I have nothing but admiration for the actors on soap operas. It is unbelievably challenging to put out an hour show in one day. Everything was ‘cake’ after that.

5. You are obviously beloved by science fiction fans for your roles in The Last Starfighter and Night of the Comet. How was it making those films?

-They are gifts that keep on giving. Who knew that these little films would have such an enduring life and following. The Last Starfighter was the first movie I did in the U.S. It was an absolute joy to be a part of it. Night of the Comet was a labor of love. Truly a collaborative effort. I am eternally grateful for the experiences.

6. Would you like to do more science fiction down the road?

-I am open to anything, as long as I feel that the script is good and there are people involved with vision and integrity.

7. One of your most recent movies was A Christmas Snow. How did you like making that film?

-It was a lovely experience. This project was written, produced and directed by Tracy Trost. It was a story close to his heart. I loved the universal message of the story. It was reinterpreted for the theatre and the original cast performed in the stage version in Branson, Missouri in 2011.

8. I read that you are interested in directing. Do you have anything coming up with you in the director’s chair?

- I have a couple of scripts and ideas that I am developing. I’m very excited to move into this new realm, behind the camera.

9. Can you say anything about any upcoming acting roles you may have?

-I have a few pokers in the fire, so to speak, one of which is a very exciting cutting edge Sci-Fi idea. I really can’t say anything more right now, but will keep everyone up to date on my Face Book page and my website,

10. Are there any actors or actresses you’d love to work with?

- I think Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead would be a lot of fun to work with. He cracks me up. I have to say I’m in awe of Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s so talented and beautiful to watch. I aspire to be her, but working with her would be great too!

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