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Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Rental (1985)

"Well, it was very nice of Hal to find the place."
"It was very nice of him to tell me that I'm cracking up."
"You are not cracking up. You just need this rest."
"Rest? Didn't we just get back from Hawaii?"
"Jack, that was our honeymoon."
-Sandy and Jack Chester.

With another summer coming to a close, I thought I'd take a look at this film from Carl Reiner and starring the late, great John Candy. Unlike Chevy Chase, Candy was always able to project likability on screen, even if the film itself was bad. Heck, I'd go so far as to say that his dual role in Nothing But Trouble (1991) may have been regarded as a highlight in his career had the movie itself not been such a piece of junk. Even when Candy didn't play a likable character, like in JFK (1991), he still projected charisma.
But Candy projects both likability and charisma here, playing overworked air traffic controller Jack Chester. After almost causing two planes to collide, Chester is ordered to take a month off. Although reluctant at first, he takes his wife Sandy (Karen Austin), his children Jennifer (Kerri Green), Bobby (Joey Lawrence) and Laurie (Aubrey Jene) and the family dog to a resort town in Florida.
The vacation doesn't exactly start on a good note, when, after a few days, they discover that the home they rented is the wrong residence, when its owners return home one night. The correct home turns out to be nowhere near as luxurious.
Jack also has to deal with pompous sailor Al Pellet (Richard Crenna), who, as it turns out, becomes the owner of the Chesters' rental home when the previous owner dies.
Al rejects Jack's attempts to be friends, which leads to Jack, a former sailor himself, challenging him in an upcoming boat race.
The Chesters, pleased at seeing Jack re-energized, help him get a boat and get him acquainted with sailing again. The family is also helped by bartender Richard Scully (Rip Torn). With their help, Jack wins the race and stays an extra two weeks rent-free.
Story-wise, the movie offers nothing new, but Candy and the rest of the cast keep things lively throughout. For those of us who have had frustrating experiences vacationing (I'm no exception), this film is also a reminder that things could be worse.

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