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Friday, July 22, 2016

Fear City (1984)

"A city full of suspects."
-Al Wheeler.

I previously noted that predictability in movies seems to run hot and cold for me. In some cases, I am able to enjoy a film even though I can guess the ending a mile away, while, in others, such predictability makes me stop watching before the movie is half over.
I suppose, as in the case with Blood Work and even some of the Friday the 13th films, this willingness to see the pic through to the end can be narrowed down to the energy that's brought to the proceedings.
This movie is another film that falls into that category. A serial killer is prowling Manhattan and his victims are ladies employed in strip clubs.
As it turns out, one of the killer's potential targets is Loretta (Melanie Griffith) who works at such a club owned by her lover Matt Rossi (Tom Berenger).
Rossi is an former boxer whose career in the ring ended when he ended up killing an opponent during a match. Hence, he's a little unsure about the possibility of taking on someone who's threatening not only his love but his business.
But, at the goading of his partner Nicky Parzeno (Jack Scalia), Rossi reluctanly cooperates with no-nonsense police detective Al Wheeler (Billy Dee Williams, suave as always) to track the killer down.
Not surprisingly, the film ends with Rossi taking out the killer in order to save Loretta's life.
This movie certainly shares the same, nice film noir atmosphere as the same year's Tightrope. But I rate that film a bit higher because what made it unique was that it wasn't just Clint Eastwood playing a police detective who gives out one-liners. Rather Clint was playing a detective who spent a lot of time in his own head as he considered the possibility that he may be the one who has been killing women in his New Orleans haunts.
Fear City offers no such surprises in that sense but it is still very entertaining thanks to its atmosphere and its pleasant cast.

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